Department of Physiology

Human Physiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of functions of human body. It is intimately related with Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Behavioral Sciences, and is called as the “Mother of Medicine”. The department of physiology is housed in the academic block Ground Floor, in middle of Department of Anatomy & Biochemistry giving an easy opportunity to both staff and students for a close liaison with each other.

The Department has a well equipped Laboratory, Demonstration Hall, Two (02) SDL Halls, Separate Lecture Hall for BDS Students, Departmental library, Lecture Theater (combined) and offices for faculty and other Staff, Male & Female Demonstrator Room, Day Care, Store, Kitchen, Washroom Facilities available for both male & female staff & students. The curriculum/syllabus will be according to modular system approved and recommended by Pakistan Medical Commission (PM&DC), Islamabad. The course details are available on KMU Official Website

These include:
- Interactive class teaching
- Seminars
- Assignments
- Problem based learning
- Practical training in the laboratory
- Self directed learning
- Direct self-learning

Assessment is on the basis of Module Exam, Block Exam and Annual Exam by university (KMU) including MCQS, SEQS & OSPE. Final internal assessment is done on the basis of all the Module/Block Exam, attendance and overall discipline of a student and has 20% weight age in the Annual examination. Rests of the 80% marks are allocated to the Annual university examination.

Dr. Naila Aslam


Dr. Farhat Rehman

Associate Professor

Dr. Zarka Sarwar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Atif Ullah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rashid Khan

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Muhammad Jamil

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rafia Sumbal


Dr. Mehwish Israr


O.P.D Days for Psychiatry
Section Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Psychiatry O.P.D

1- Detoxification and Drug Rehab Center
2- Child Psychiatric Services
3- Recognition of Unit for Post Graduate Training