Research & Development Center : SOP's/Polices

The main objective of the cell is to monitor and administer research program for faculty memebers/students and encourge them to have rational approach in their academic and research activities.

Mission Statement of AS&RB:

The mission of the Advanced Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) is to encourage and support quality research across all disciplines of medical and allied health sciences at MTI Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Promoting basic, innovative and applied research; inter-and multi-disciplinary research; production of scholarly and creative works in accordance with the mission of the MTI Mardan and supporting research that addresses the multiple challenges faced by the region. Recognizing the crucial importance of freedom of thought and expression in achieving research excellence by adhering to high standards of research ethics, integrity and conduct.


Advanced Studies and Research Board (AS&RB) will provide reports, recommendations and/or advice to, the Dean /CEO.


In these rules unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, the following expressions shall have the meaning as assigned to them:

→ “Advanced Studies and Research Board” means the Advanced Studies and Research Board of MTI Mardan as constituted by Dean/CEO

→ “Convener” senior most member delegated by the Dean/CEO

→ “AS&RB” means the Advanced Studies and Research Board

→ “Member” means a member of Advanced Studies and Research Board

→ “Meeting” means meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board

→ “Quorum” means the Quorum of the Advanced Studies and Research Board

The Role of the AS&RB:

The following shall be the functions of the AS&RB; To:

→ Provide recommendations to statutory bodies on policies for all matters connected with the promotion of Advanced Studies and Research in the Institute including but not limited to the allocation of research funds.

→ Provide guidelines /Proforma/checklists to the institutes of MTI Mardan on the conduct of research and publication as well as the review process and to recommend the implementation of policies pertaining to research and long-term faculty development.

→ Arbitrate and recommend action to the Dean/CEO on any disputes or differences on intellectual property issues related to proposals, publications, or other research products.

→ Judge the scientific quality of research projects from the perspective of science, methodology and analysis keeping in view the availability of facilities in the respective institutions for the research project and provide constructive feedback to the researcher.

→ Assess the research capabilities of research institutes and make recommendations to the institutes.

→ To review, Evaluate and decide on the technical and ethical aspects of research proposals.

→ To ensure guaranteeing the rights, dignity, safety and protection of individuals and communities (Human, plants animal and enviourment) participating in research.

→ To follow the laws and regulations during conducting research as laid down by the country and international regulating bodies.

Members of the AS&RB:

About 8-12 members, who will be appointed by Dean/CEO, will be responsible for activities designated to AS&RB and will consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Members
  • Coopted Member (shall be subject specialists appointed for a particular meeting In the place of,
  • i) A subject specialist who is in addition the supervisor of a researcher (Principal Investigator appearing before the board, in order to minimize any bias or undue influence).
    ii) The subject specialist identified as having no conflicts of interest


The term of office:

For members of the Advanced Studies and Research Board the term of office as decided by the Dean/CEO.

Presiding Over the Meeting:

In the absence of the Chairman, meeting of the AS&RB shall be presided over by the Convener delegated by the Dean/CEO.


Any member after three consecutive absentees from the meetings of AS&RB shall be notified by the Chairman and will be disqualified after three consecutive absentees or a total of five or more absentees in one academic year.

Leave of Absence

Where a member is aware that they will be absent from the institute and unable to attend Committee meetings for an extended period, the member may apply to the Chair for leave of absence for the period. For the purpose of calculating membership and quorum, the membership will be reduced by the number of members on approved leave of absence at the time of the meeting.

Agendas and Minutes

Meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board:

  • The ordinary meeting of the Advanced Studies and Research Board shall be held on the date, time and place as may be approved by the chairman provided that the AS&RB shall have a meeting at least once a month.
  • All meetings of AS&RB shall be scheduled by the first week of January for the proceeding calendar year by the Chairman.
  • The quorum for a meeting of AS& RB shall be one-third of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one.
  • Minutes are to be prepared from each meeting. The Chairman will review the draft minutes and action sheet of each meeting, after which the coordinator will circulate the documents to all committee members and include them in the agenda papers for the next meeting.


Agenda Intimation and Approval:

  • The coordinator shall prepare the agenda in consultation with the chairman keeping in view the aim and function of the AS&RB and circulate it among the members (preferably via email) at least 10 days before the meeting and the approved agenda and working papers all synopses/proposal to be reviewed shall be sent to the members.
  • Any member/scholar/supervisor may propose an item/research proposal which may be included as supplementary agenda with the approval of Dean/CEO provided that it is received at least 4 days before the date of meeting and further that the item is admissible.
  • Items included in the agenda or supplementary agenda may be taken up for consideration in such order as may be deemed fit by the Chairman
  • A special meeting of the AS&RB may be convened with the approval of the Dean/CEO at the request of one-third of the members to discuss a particular issue. Agenda for such a meeting shall be circulated at least three days before the meeting.

Code of Conduct of the AS&RB:

? The Chairperson or his nominated Convener shall control the order in which members of the AS&RB may address the meeting and the manner in which the business of the house may be conducted.
? Members when speaking, shall address the Chair, No member shall without special leave from the Chair, speak more than once on the same proposition. The final decision on all matters of research review shall be made by the Presiding Chairperson in consultation with the subject specialist of the particular area of research.
? All members shall keep in consideration that their critique should be objective, flexible, acceptable, comprehensive, constructive, organized, thoughtful and specific to provide the researcher something constructive to raise their quality of research.
? Researcher and their supervisors shall comment upon their own research and shall address the chair if and when invited to on other areas of research.
? The coordinator shall explain the ground rules before proceeding;
(i) Time allowed to the researcher for presentation (15min with 7-8minutes Q&A session for each presentation)
(ii) Address the Chair at all times and avoid cross-talk
(iii)The Supervisor shall not answer questions on the students behalf, until and unless asked by the 'Chair' for clarifications on the Proposal
(iv)Provide constructive feedback on how to improve
(v) Mobiles on silent
? Proposal should be submitted with the Coordinator or supporting staff
? Proposal should be submitted as described in the Proforma approved by AS&RB
? Consent form should be submitted along with proposal
? The meeting shall be divided into two parts;

Review Process:

All research proposals involving human participants need to be submitted through Coordinator, using the AS&RB application form”. Each proposal undergoes a preliminary screening by the coordinator to confirm that all necessary documentation has been submitted. This includes checking that all documents ticked on the coversheet are attached i.e. the study protocol, informed consent forms, study instruments.

Session I:

(i) Shall be conducted in seclusion in the presence of the Chairperson and members only. Co-opted members may be invited in special circumstances at the discretion of the Chairperson
(ii) Keeping in view the main function of the AS&RB the board shall review the research synopses/Proposal presented to it and categories all the proposal into four main groups,
• Group A: Approved without any corrections
• Group B: Approved but with minor corrections
• Group C: Major changes to present before the board at their next meeting
• Group D: Rejected
(iii)The AS&RB shall at the end formulate an overall feedback to the authorities on all matters connected with the promotion of advanced studies and research publication in the institute in view of the research proposals scrutinized on the day.
(iv) They shall also recommend faculty development courses and continuing professional development courses to the scholars to improve the quality of research.

Session II:

All researchers that were placed in Group C in the recommendations of the preceding AS&RB meeting shall be required to present their proposal to the board as per guidelines. The final decision for each case shall be made at the end of the meeting by the Chairperson with consideration of the subject specialists view as follows,
• Group C1: Approved
• Group C2: Approved conditionally, subject to submission of further documentation
• Group C3: Rejected/deferred: means that the proposal is not approved as submitted either because there is insufficient information to make a decision or the proposal is not ethically sound. However the proposal can be re-submitted after revision to address the reasons for the deferment

Validation of Proceedings:

• The Coordinator shall record the proceedings and shall submit them to chairman for further necessary action.
• The proceedings of the AS&RB meeting shall be circulated via email among all the members as well as concerned Researcher.
• The record of the relevant extract of the proceedings alongwith relevant working papers /files shall be maintained and forwarded by the coordinator to the respective sections/persons for information and necessary action.
• The coordinator AS&RB shall issue a letter of approval of research proposal/synopsis to the concerned researcher copied to his/her supervisor and head of the institute within 3 days. The proceedings of the AS&RB shall not be invalidated on the grounds that ;either any member did not receive the notice or agenda and working papers, or both for the meeting of AS&RB, or the availability of a vacancy in the AS&RB due to expiry of the term of office of any member.

Conflict of Interest:

Committee members are required to declare to the Chair any real, perceived or potential conflict of interest they may have with any item on the Committee’s agenda. If the Chair or Committee deems a member to have a conflict of interest in a matter before the Committee, the member will be excused from committee discussions and deliberations on that matter.

Removal of a member from office:

This Committee may terminate a person’s membership for misconduct by a vote of two-thirds of those present at a committee meeting called in accordance with these terms of reference, and for which due notice of the motion to terminate the person’s membership has been given.


The AS&RB may, at its discretion change / amend, from time to time these rules.

Grants from ASRB Fund Account:


1. To promote, organize, establish, finance, administer, manage and maintain research
2. Capacity building of the constituent institutions of MTI Mardan.
3. To encourage, promote, support and undertake academic and scientific investigations, innovative research, inventions, linkages and developments in various fields of study
4. To take such other steps as may be necessary for the promotion of research and training

Code of Conduct and Operationalization of AS&RB FUND:

The AS&RB Fund shall come into existence/operative/ effective/created immediately from the date of its approval by the Dean/CEO.
The following rules of business must be observed while seeking a grant from AS&RB fund account by fulltime faculty studying in constituent institutes of MTI Mardan.
1. Grant will fund up to 10 lakhs for expenses related to research projects within 90 (+/-) days of the cycle deadline.
2. Over and above amount will be sanctioned by Chairman.
3. The Dean/CEO shall have power to appoint in writing any one or more of the Members (from the office of Accounts section) for the purposes of operating Research and training bank account of the AS&RB Fund, collecting any rents or income (if any) received from the AS&RB Fund, managing or administering any property comprised in the AS&RB Fund, conducting day to day business of the AS&RB Fund or for any other purpose for which the Members is appointed provided that such Member shall fully and promptly report all acts and proceedings to the Committee.
4. The tasks delegated to the Members under this clause for any of the purposes above can be revoked, modified and varied as per rules and regulations adopted by the Committee from time to time.
5. The existing system of accounting, procedures, policies, internal audit and all other checks as applicable in MTI Mardan, shall be applicable, and reporting of the Dean/CEO.
6. The accounts of the AS&RB Fund shall be scrutinized by the MTI Mardan, Internal Auditor to ensure that the profit of AS&RB Fund is being spent in accordance with the aims& objectives of AS&RB Fund.

Responsibilities & powers of the AS&RB fund management committee:

1. Power to effect or concur in effecting any transaction concerning or affecting any part of the ORIC Fund or any other property whatsoever if the MC think the transaction is for the benefit of the AS&RB FUND or the persons interested in it as if the MC was a sole absolute beneficial owner of the AS&RBFund and for the purpose of this paragraph “transaction? includes any sale, exchange, assurance, grant, lease, surrender, re-conveyance, release, reservation or other disposition and any purchase or other acquisition and any covenant, contract, license option or right of pre-emption and any compromise, partition, insurance or other dealing or arrangement and effect? has the meaning appropriate to the particular transaction and references to property include references to restrictions and burdens affecting property.
2. Power to enter into and execute any agreement, contract, joint ventures, partnerships and any other business arrangements and dealing whatsoever with companies, corporations, associations, organizations, agencies, authorities or other bodies and things whatever which the MC may in their absolute discretion think expedient in the interests of the AS&RB Fund.
3. Power to make and approve the rules and regulations for the management and administration of the AS&RB Fund.
4. Power to appoint and constitute such committees or other bodies as the MC may think fit for the purpose of defining the functions, powers and organization of any such committee or body and power also (if the MC think fit) to pay expenses to any member of any such committee or body incurred while executing such functions.
5. To devise and administer policies and actions geared towards increasing revenue for the AS&RB Fund
6. To prescribe the policies regarding investment of funds;
7. To prescribe the general terms and conditions of funds management;
8. To approve the annual budget of AS&RB Fund on the recommendation of Finance & Planning Committee;
9. Exercise all such powers as may be necessary or incidental to the performance of any of its functions or the exercise of any its powers.
10. To make the policy regarding donors acknowledgement.
11. All requirements/instruction specified by AS&RB Fund as well as those of sponsoring agencies will be adhered to. In case of a difference in instructions, the sponsoring agency instruction will be followed if acceptable to the MC
12. Power to:
a. Incur costs and pay expenses for running the forum, holding discussions, consultations, training workshops advertisements and all other necessary expenses to pursue the purpose of the AS&RB Fund.
13. Power to open and operate bank accounts of the ORIC fund in a local bank in local and foreign currency