• 1- The students are required to respect their teachers in the college all times.
  • 2- Repeated absence from lectures, practical, classes, seminars, demonstrations and from hospital wards for four weeks without justification will make a student liable to be expelled from the college.
  • 3- Clinical students (third, fourth and final year) shall be required to do hospital work during the vacation if necessary.
  • 4- The margin of twenty-five percent of absence in theoretical, lectures, practical classes and demonstrations and in hospital practice is intended to cover absence only on account of sickness or special emergency considered justifiable by the Dean/Principal. A written application should be sent to the Dean/Principal by the student or his/her parent or guardian, reporting his/her illness or cause of absence.
  • 5- Every student is required to attend punctually at the hours notified for lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorial classes, practical and hospital wards.
  • 6- No student is allowed to leave the lecture room, practical class or a hospital ward without the permission of his/her teacher or until the class is dismissed.
  • 7- All irregularities, negligence of duties and breach of discipline and the subsequent action taken are to be brought to the notice of the Dean/Principal by the teacher under whom the student is working.
  • 8- The students must wear the prescribed uniform of the college, and white coat while attending laboratories/dissection hall and the hospital.
  • Female Students: Flate Maroon color shirt, White Flate Shalwar, white Flate Dupatta, Black Shoes white long overall up to knee length.
  • Male Students: White Shirt, white Shalwar/ Gray Trouser, Black shoes white long overall up to knee length. (Incase volitions of uniform code or volitions of discipline the students can be fined from 100 to 1000 rupees.)
  • 9- All the students should keep their Identity Cards on their chest pocket of overall. Duplicate identity card will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-
  • 10- Every student shall provide himself/herself with all the prescribed text books and other necessary requisites to enable him/ her to study profitably.
  • 11- Students are required to observe order and be quite at all times in the college and hospital premises. Students are forbidden to blow whistle, create noise or indulge in any indecent behavior or activity in the college and hospital premises during or after the working hours.
  • 12- No unauthorized game is to be played in the college or hospital premises at any time.
  • 13- Outsiders are not allowed in the college.
  • 14- Any student breaking or damaging any college or hospital property shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement. In case of willful damage, he/she shall be punished as Dean/Principal may deem fit.
  • 15- Students are forbidden to address any member or person in authority directly. Any communication intended for such higher authority must be submitted by the CR/GR to SAS who will forward it to concerned authority.
  • 16- Any student desirous of addressing the Dean/Principal by letter must do so separately through SAS.
  • 17- Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject, has the right of direct access to the Dean/Principal at any time during college hours by prior appointment through SAS.
  • 18- Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate with the authorities of the college by prevailing upon their wards not to take any part in anti-institutional activities.
  • 19- All teachers are accessible at any time for the consideration of difficulties and grievances of the students and will always be pleased to hear them and to give them advice.
  • 20- If a student of the college takes part in any political activity or conducts himself/herself in an unbecoming manner or in such manner as would interfere with the professional conduct or academic work of the college, the Dean/Principal may take any action he deems fit or bring him/her before the College Academic Council for proper action.
  • 21- It is desirable for medical students to engage themselves to reasonable extent in wholesome extracurricular activities such as sports and literary pursuits during leisure in order that they may not become too narrowly professional in interest and outlook.
  • 22- No person shall be invited to address a meeting or society in the college premises without prior permission of the Dean/Principal. In all cases, the chair shall be occupied by a responsible person approved for the purpose by the Dean/Principal. The subject of debate shall be fixed after obtaining the approval of the Dean/Principal in advance.
  • 23- No student shall address a Press Conference, nor write to the press including social media on the political or related subject or matters concerned directly with the administration of the College, University or any Government or Educational Institution in Pakistan or abroad. No poster or banners shall be put up without the approval of the Dean/Principal.
  • 24- No student in the college shall be permitted to have any connection with a private dispensary or a consulting room to pose or work as a medical practitioner.
  • 25- No society may be set up by the students nor any meeting held in the college premises without the written permission of the Dean/Principal.
  • 26- In case of complaint, it will be investigated first by the Head of Department concerned. If it is of serious nature, it will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee for further investigation and their recommendation will be forwarded to the Dean/Principal.
  • 27- In dealing with any breach of discipline, infringement of the rules and regulations mentioned in this prospectus, the Dean/Principal may decide to order appropriate penalty including apology, verbal and/or written, withdrawal of scholarship, temporary suspension from the college, removal from the hostel, compulsory migration, expulsion from the college and rustication. If rustication from the college is required, the case will be placed before the College Academic Council whose decision will be final and the decision will be conveyed to IMC/BoGs, University and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • 28- In all cases, leave taken will be at students own risk so far as percentage of attendance is concerned. Even a medical certificate will not condone a deficiency in attendance. Sick leave even sanctioned on medical certificate leading to absence in an examination will mean failure in that examination.
  • 29- The name of the student who is absent without leave continuously for a period of four weeks will be struck off from the college roll.
  • 30- Students absenting themselves from college or hospital work shall be liable to a fine imposed by the Dean/Principal.
  • 31- Continuous absence by a scholarship holder will be reported to the sanctioning department for the cancellation of scholarship.
  • 32- Every student must realize that the duty of the authorities of the Medical/Dental College is to impart medical education to him/ her and conduct College and University examination according to statues as laid down in university rules/regulations for the various MBBS/BDS examination and according to the regulations of the Pakistan Medical Commission and also to maintain discipline and to run the administration of the college. Every student must, therefore, accept unconditionally the rules/regulations of the University, recommendations of Pakistan Medical Commission and provisions made in this prospectus including any amendment to be made thereafter. All these have been evolved for the purpose of imparting a sound medical/dental education to the students.
  • 33- Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture room/laboratories except at the prescribed hours of lectures/practical’s.
  • 34- Students are strictly prohibited to keep fire arms and other weapons in the hostel, college premises or on their person. The possession/use of narcotics is also strictly prohibited. Anyone found in possession of or using narcotics or fire arms will be expelled from the college/hostel immediately. In case of suspicion, any room can be searched without prior notice.
  • 35- All kind of tours should be arranged in vacations /holidays.


  • 1- All students must be in the college by 8:00 AM on all working days.
  • 2- The students must not be late to the lecture without a valid reason, and must attend all teaching and training activities punctually according to the time table. Late comers may be marked absent.
  • 3- Students are not allowed to leave the College without a valid reason.

VISITORS: Visitors will not be allowed to see students during classes/ practical/ wards etc.

CLEANLINESS: Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own hostels, dormitories, classrooms and laboratories.


  • 1- All students must wear the authorized uniform during Practical and hospital duty, and on such other official occasions as the administration may designate.
  • 2- All students must be decently, neatly and cleanly dressed at all times.
  • 3- Students are not permitted to make any alteration in their uniforms.

INTOXICATING DRINKS AND DRUG ABUSE: Possession of substances of abuse such as alcohol, opium products, ICE and any other substances of intoxication and/or poisons is strictly prohibited.

NOISE: Unnecessary noise is not allowed in the college/ hospital/hostel premises.

SMOKING: Students are not allowed to smoke within the College, Hospital and Hostel premises.

USE OF ABUSIVE LANGUAGE: No student is allowed to use abusive language at any time.

RIOT: Participation in any riots, strikes, boycott and demonstrations are strictly prohibited.

WEAPONS: Possession of arms, explosives and other weapons are strictly prohibited.

FIGHTING AND ASSAULT: No fighting and assaults shall be tolerated.