Admission Policy

The admitting university of KPK is KMU Peshawar. The admission policy for public sector medical and dental college of KPK prepared under the PMC Regulations was approved by KPK Govt. and adopted by KMU as admitting authority. For detail of the said, forth mention policy the reader is referred to KMU official website.
As per this policy the PAC (Provincial admission committee) KMU announces admission schedule for all public sector medical and dental colleges. KMU admission committee finalize the admission and prepares a joint merit list for admission in all public sector medical and dental colleges. Like other medical and dental colleges KMU nominate students for Bacha khan medical and dental colleges according to the seats distribution already made by Govt. of KPK


Migration from one public sector Medical / Dental College to another in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be governed by the following rules & regulations.

  • 1- Migration will be recommended by the KMU-AC to the Health Department and no other forum will entertain any such request.
  • 1- Mutual migration is not allowed.
  • 3- Migration from abroad and private sector to public sector medical college is not allowed.
  • 4- Migration will only be allowed after passing 2nd Professional in MBBS and 1st Professional in BDS examination.
  • 5- No migration shall be allowed in violation of sanctioned strength of the class.
  • 6- In case of vacant seat in 3rd, 4th and final professional of MBBS and 2nd, 3rd and Final Professional BDS class, the college administration will be bound to intimate KMU-AC about number of vacant seats alone with the total strength within 30 days of announcement of supplementary examination results respectively.
  • Note: Vacant Seat for migration purpose means, any seat that becomes vacant due to death, expulsion, migration or cancellation of admission of any student due to any reason.
  • 7- Migration will be allowed only when a vacant seat is available in the total strength of the college as well as in the corresponding class as approved.
  • 8- Migration will be allowed only when the vacant seat is available in the corresponding class, overall strength of the college and category of seats in which the student is seeking migration.
  • 9- Migration will be allowed on merit among the applicants.
  • 10- Students seeking migration from one college to other shall fill the proforma as per specimen given on KMU website along with the application for migration.
  • 11- All the applications along with the proforma shall be routed through the Dean/Principal of that college to which the student belongs.
  • 12- No case shall be processed without the applicant providing no objection certificate (NOC) of the Dean/Principal of the college from where he/she is migrating and to where he/she is seeking migration.
  • 13- The students shall mention in their migration application about category of seat i.e., either they are admitted against self-finance seat or FATA reserved seat. The same will be verified from the concerned college by the Health Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The student hiding this information will be considered disqualified from migration.
  • 14- While allowing migration, the rules of PMDC must not be violated in any way.
  • 15- The migrating students must clear all the dues of the college where he/she remained for more than 6 months.
  • 16- The migration fee will be Rs. 50,000 for students who will be seeking migration from institutions with in the province.
  • 17- The migration fee will be Rs. 100,000/- for students migrating from other provinces.
  • 18- The fee will be deposited in the college where migration is sought (recipient college).
  • 19- Category wise migration is allowed to the students admitted against open seats, general self-finance and against the reserved quota seats (Foreign Self Finance, FATA seats, FATA/Baluchistan Project seats, Technical Assistance Program seats, Backward Area seats, Minority Seat, Disabled seats, OPF seats). Category wise migration means that a students will only have the right to migrate if the seat in the same category is lying vacant in which he/she was admitted.
  • 20- Migration cases shall be decided on merit cum choice basis as per criteria mentioned in the proforma.
  • Note: Migration cases will be decided by the KMU-AC as recommending body.