The Bacha Khan Medical College will be a national and global leader and a Centre of excellence in Medical education, Scientific research , Patient care and Community services. To become a prominent regional health centre focused on improving individual and community health and achieving national and international standard of excellence.

To empower and equip our graduates through quality medical education and training, professionalism and desired skills to provide admirable health care services to patients based on humility, honesty, selflessness, confidentiality, integrity and ethical values of this sacred profession.


The mission of BKMC is to provide an integrated, Community oriented, Quality Medical education that prepares the next generation of socially conscious doctors, trained to the highest level of competence to deliver high quality, compassionate, ethical and evidence based care to diverse populations

To train students through best practices to fulfill the health needs of society with emphasis on professionalism, research and health advocacy. To be a premier medical sciences institution of best practices in health care services and research at par with international standards.

CORE Values


Breaking Opacity Dare to act for Transparency and Accountability.


Exhibiting Empathy Advocating respect and rights of others.


Adherence to Professional Standards Imparting proficient competency and expertise.


Serving Community Making Sustainable Development Goals possible for common good.