• 1- Each College will have an Academic Council which will consist of the whole time Chairman of the Department.
      • 2- The Dean of the College will be the Chairman / Chairperson of the Council.
      • 3- The Associate Dean Academics will be the Member/ Secretary of the Council.

The College Academic Council will:

    • I- Determine the requirements of the Medical and Dental education, evaluation and research in the light of rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical Commission, And MTI Act. and regulation made their in.
    • II- Set standards and targets for Medical and Dental education and research for each Department. (The council will try to do the necessary capacity building in each Department to achieve the desired targets).
    • III- Lay down policy and procedures for academic and clinical governance and support to students, including students career counseling.
    • IV- Facilitate the development of the College learning resources including a Library and strong ITsupport.
    • V- Be responsible for maintaining discipline in the college premises.
    • VI- Prepare and submit an annual performance report about the college at the end of each academic year.