Cardiovascular diseases in our society are increasing at an alarming rate & are known to be the cause of distressing experience to people who are suffering from any of its varying types. Among these diseases, several are also implicated with rapid deterioration of a patients’ condition, which can prove to be a fatal risk to their lives if not prevented in initial stages. In this context, the Department of Cardiology here is determined in providing the most comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to adult patients helping them get relieved from their sufferings. We wholeheartedly welcome everyone who is undergoing this distress to visit our department of Cardiology at MTI Mardan Medical Complex for guidance and treatment, because only early diagnostic and prompt management strategy can help you save your precious life from fatal risk.

We have got a very qualified, professional, skillful and dedicated staff for providing nonstop services around the clock to the ailing population with Cardiovascular diseases. Our aim is to provide best services and treatments to the patients, to make them feel no less than a family member.

Dr. Noorul Hadi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Asfandiyar

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Zakir Mehmood

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Shafiq Alam

Senior Registrar

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