Vision statement:

Become a prominent regional center of health care and research, focused on improving individual and community health by international standards.

Mission statement:

Bacha Khan Medical College is committed to training students to become knowledgeable, skillful, and empathetic to meet the needs of society with an emphasis on research, professionalism, and evidence-based practice.


To make this vision to reality and start the journey of this mission on an international level Dean BKMC established QEC in JAN 2018. It is an HEC/KMU directed activity mandatory for all universities of Pakistan including medical universities.


Director:          Professor. Muhammad Siyar

Assistant:        Director: Syed Waseem Badshah Bukhari

Advisers:         Assosiatet Professor Shafiullah

Prof Immad Waseem Prof.

Dr. Tamjeed Gul

Professor Sameena Jadoon.

Prof Amjid Ali.

Manager:      Mr. Hamid Zeb.

Office Members:

Dr Wajid Akbar Anatomy

Dr. Fazle Raheem Physiology

Dr. Aziz biochemistry

Dr. Sanaullah Biochemistry

Dr. Mujeeb Alam Khan Biochemistry

Dr. Somia Afzal Pharmacology

Dr. Sadia pharmacology


Departmental   Members:

One member (Assistant professor) from each unit as an academic focal person has been selected..These members have recently completed CHPE and will benefit their department in academics and research..All have been given specified targets including Study Guides. These members are considered as P .T (Program team).

Technical and Supporting Staff:

   Mr Fasihullah .Mr Nasir..

Any faculty member of BKMC interested can apply for membership.


  1. BKMC has participated in all meetings regarding QEC.
  2. Four members of BKMC has participated in an international seminar on QEC.
  3. We have participated in 5-day workshops on QEC at KMU.
  4. QEC Staff has been selected.
  5. Dean’s academic, Dean Clinical, and Dean’s research has been appointed by Dean BKMC to enhance the quality of teaching and research.
  6. At the movement, QEC is working at the Medical education department.
  7. A purpose-built office has been allocated in a new building on 18.2.2020.
  8. QEC Manuals have been made available at QEC in hard and soft copy.
  9. QEC activity has been put on the BKMC website and students will see Study Guides.
  10. Student and Faculty Surveys has been done in 2018. Appropriate steps were taken by Dean in the academic council Meeting to improve the quality of teaching.
  11. Student survey 2020 has been started recently on Microsoft Team.
  12. College Magazine “Aman” is regularly published.
  13. Journals of BKMC for Publication of Paper is now regularly available.